Clicking on CSS property in Quick Editor doesn't work for global classes

I’m guessing this is more of an unfinished feature than a bug, but just in case not…

When using the Quick Editor from the Navigator, clicking on the CSS property takes you to related screen in the Block Inspector (super useful).

When using the Quick Editor on a global class, clicking the CSS property does nothing.

I experienced the same. Quite a few properties do not work.
Talking about regular block classes.

Hello @sunny,

Thanks for the report and sorry for not getting back on this one.

The reason the Quick Editor for global classes doesn’t redirect you when clicking on the CSS property is because you would otherwise lose the Quick Editor window, which I don’t think is the wanted behaviour in this case.

Could you possibly list which properties do not work?


No problem at all!

I see what you mean.

Although… is that not the wanted behaviour? If I’m clicking on a property so that it brings up the design panel, normally my next step is to move out of the Quick Editor and edit whatever properties.

Unless you’re talking about something else. But my expected behaviour is:

  • Click on a property in the Quick Editor
  • Quick Editor remains in place and the relevant design panel is loaded behind it
  • I have the option to keep working in the Quick Editor or can hover away and can now edit inside the design panel
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P.S. while we’re on the topic, having the Quick Editor for block styles in the Navigation pane on the left and the Quick Editor for global styles in the Block Inspector on the right has always felt a little awkward for me.

In my unsolicited opinion, I think they should both be accessible from the Block Inspector - where you naturally edit styling. You don’t have to travel as far with your mouse too.

I don’t know where exactly yet, but it could be worth having one Quick Editor icon near the Class field, and it shows the CSS depending on which class is selected.

Just thinking out loud.

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Could you please first confirm that you don’t face any issues in that regard on your end, as going though all properties (incl. listing them) would take some time.
As far as I can remember, line-height and/or text-align were involved.

I tested things when the feature initially has been released.
There were some more issues (on my end). I took some notes which also included some improvement suggestions.
Will share some feedback when I find a free moment.

Hi @sunny,

Indeed, that is the ideal solution, although in our tests - with its current position - keeping the Quick Editor open while moving to the design panel doesn’t feel natural and breaks the flow.

But this joins your next message. The position of the Quick Editor in the navigator is necessary, but one should also be able to access it inside the block inspector and be able to switch between views while keeping it open. We’re working on this.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated!


Hello @Marius,

Your initial post suggested relatively recent experience: “Quite a few properties do not work.”. Thus, my asking you to “possibly” refer to the elements you were having trouble with, by no means would I even think to suggest you go through them specifically.
I try my best not to respond immediately and check things on my end whenever someone does report an issue - rest assured - I did the same here before posting my response.

I can’t tell you how much I value and appreciate users reporting bugs, feedback etc… Please don’t take my posts (at any time on this forum) as some kind of request.


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Hey @Louis.

I think it’s obvious that you weren’t requesting something, and I can’t remember you ever did.
It is also worth mentioning that I highly appreciate the time and patience you invest here, and not going the common “send your login and we’ll check” route.

Just wanted to make sure, before taking the initiative, because in this case it would have required much more effort.
It also helps that you shared your general approach in that regard to get a better understanding.
I admit that my addition here was lacking in info, I assumed that this is related to topic. It’s not.

Back to topic:

After some more testing and writing down the CSS properties one by one, it turned out that it is not related to specific properties.
It’s rather the case that under certain circumstances, some properties won’t send me to the corresponding block inspector area.
It might be connected to which area I was before or which property I clicked before.

But that always differs, it’s not directly connected to the property. Sometimes they seem to work, sometimes not.
It’s more of a rare occurrence but I will keep an eye on it.

In case I have something to add, I’ll open a new thread, as this is not related to the original topic.

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I second this very much :slight_smile:


I will add try to add to this when I come across them, but one that doesn’t work is background-image.

Pulled this from one class, but it doesn’t paste into another:

background-image: linear-gradient(

Just a quick note on this one.

A background-image with a linear-gradient is defined in the UI in the colours tab but I believe what happens is we are taken to the source tab (probably due to the rule being identified as being a background-image). So it seems a distinction needs to be made based on the value rather than just the property in this case.

Other than that, from general usage (not thorough or dedicated testing on this specifically), I haven’t encountered any others that don’t work and even ones like box-shadow work perfectly.