Check for duplicate classes when importing from design library

Let’s say you have two sites: Site A and Site B.

You like one of the call to action sections you made on Site A, so you want to copy it over to Site B.

You save it to your cloud library, and import it on Site B with “Import Global Classes” checked.

Everything kinda works, except now you might have duplicate classes.

If you already use the class “btn” on Site B, a new “btn” class is imported from Site A as well.

If you delete it from your Global Classes list, you then need to go back to each element and replace the “.removed” placeholder with whatever the existing class name was.

I know each class has a unique ID behind the scenes, but would it be possible for Cwicly to check if there is an existing class with the same display name? And if so, not import the duplicate class?

That way you’d still maintain site B’s styling - without having to check and replace global classes that were imported.

Curious to hear your thoughts, or if you think there might be a better solution.