Changes in editor (typography) only partially displayed on frontend

I am allocation my defined block typography to some of text blocks, but frontend is this:

Despite Backend is this:

After trying to sort that out for an hour now, I finally gave up. Html/ CSS regenerated several times.

Cwicly version

Hi @FZwo,

I’m noticing you’ve set specific block properties to font-size, margin-bottom etc… on Sitemap for example. Could I possibly take a quick look on the backend as this seems highly unusual?


sure, will send a login via pn

Hello @FZwo,

Thanks for the access.

Styles from your old footer template part were overriding your current template part styles (the header/footer are include in your Index template although you don’t use them).
I allowed myself to re-save the footer template part.

Can I ask how you emptied the footer template part as its CSS should have been removed also.


not sure how I did that, as it took me some time to understand where and how configured header and footer template parts have to be added/ inserted and where it is just a reference. When I understand you right, that I had left some content in the default footer template part, and forgot to delete that?