Can't use Modal, won't open with Open Action

Am I the only one that has many problems?

Second problem I have is this (first one is still in checking process):

I can’t use the modal, It won’t open when I put action on a button or heading or … .

when I put it on one time click wherever I click modal works.

2023-03-05 18_40_07
2023-03-05 18_43_00

but this will stop working too when I activate the Close on Overlay option.

2023-03-05 18_43_08

I will say other problems later.

Really for me right now working with cwicly is an uphill battle, it almost takes all my stamina, and it frustrates me.

Hello @moheb.azartash,

I can’t reproduce this issue on my side.
Are there any errors appearing in your console log?

Are you sure you are using the block ID and not the block class?

I can’t reproduce this either.

A screenshot of your browser console would be the way to go here.

I think Johnny is helping out with this if I’m not incorrect. I will also remind you that you confirmed yourself that there was no issue with the variable font you were using… So not quite sure what you’re referring to.

Yeah, it was wrong on my side I used class instead of ID.
Thank you.

Yeah, he did and it seems like you will fix it in the next update.
Thank you for that.

and Thank you for the great tool.

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