Can we add Limit characters function on all dynamic text (like post excerpt)

Yes that would be helpful, even for the Post Title to make sure to keep your Query Loop blocks nicely aligned. Of course we can do it with little code snippet but would be much better to have it inside Cwicly directly.

I am not sure that the snippets written in PHP are compatible with Frontend Renderer.
If not, the query filter would not be usable and you would have to choose between snippets PHP and Query Filters.
Please Cwicly Team, could you clarify this topic.

maybe they are busy for 6.1, seems, no one reply on forum these days

Hi @qiang814k,

We are preparing the release of the Design Library which is asking all the team to be focused on it specifically.
While we may not reply to every post here, the bugs/improvements are on our tracker and are being worked on.

Please bear with us while we get through these last few days of 1.2.3.

Thanks for your understanding.


as a funs of cwicly, will totally understand and support firmly . well done, can not wait for 1.2.3!!

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