Button Padding not working

today is my c-desaster :wink:

if i add any value to the padding of my top button…nothing happens? but it shows as blue shadow tooltip…why nohthing happens?

thanx so much!


Although no precision was given, I notice you are using a Nav block and trying to apply styles to a Nav Link block.

In the pursuit of consistency, Nav Links have their styles applied from the Nav block itself in the Styles tab. These styles are meant to override singular Nav Link block styles.

If you wish to add an element to the Nav block that isn’t part of the Nav items as such (and style it to your convenience), we recommend inserting this element inside the Nav block instead of the Nav Items.

I recommend you take a look at our intro video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5v8ceDOo7w

Nav documentation: Nav - Documentation

Best regards,

hi JohnD, it was not possible to add any element into the navBlock…(with rightclick on that layer also “insert” is missing)…but i added it now to the element above…now its ok i built a individuall button for this now…what i like better is to style such list-type-navigation elements in the same semantics…such i can re-arrange or re-design it with media queries accoding to some desired parameters like browser screensize and such…if i add a individiuall element its a bit more work to achieve this streamlined…but its ok for now thanx!