Button icon spacing does not allow specifying a unit


When editing the icon for a button, the spacing field does not have a unit specifier in the UI.

Step-by-step reproduction instructions

  1. Open the Post Editor/Site Editor
  2. Add a button block
  3. Go to Primary > Icon
  4. Observe and attempt to add a unit to the Spacing field


Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.1.1
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: -
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hi @StrangeTech,

I think that this dates back to the time these more specific settings were defaulted to pixels.
Definitely a property to bring up to date with unit values.

Thanks for bringing it up!

Hi @StrangeTech,

This has been addressed in

Once again, thank you for taking the time to report these.