Bug error when working with the off-canvas mega menu block

Dear admin

There is a small bug occurring in the new Nav Mega Menu block, specifically with the Modal → Off-canvas → Placement right. Specifically, whenever I enable the off-canvas feature for the display mode on tablets and mobile devices, the layout of the structure breaks. This issue does not occur with the Placement Left option.

Please check it ! Thank you !

Hello @NHViet,

Thanks for the report.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to see any kind of structure issue when change the modal placement. Could you possibly detail with a screenshot what’s breaking on your side?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Louis

Please watch the video I sent to understand the bug error.


Thank you !

@NHViet, As a temporary workaround, you can try setting overflow-x: hidden on the root container, either the body or html element or depending on your template, one of the other containers you use. This should resolve the issue for now.

Hi @NHViet,

This isn’t an issue with the Nav block it seems but more with the Popover relating to the language selector and its position not updating on window resize. This does seem unusual.

Please reload the page when already in mobile view, you will see there is no such overflow issue.


Dear StrangeTech !

I have tried it and succeeded. The issue has been resolved. Thank you !

Dear Louis !

The issue has been resolved. Please close the topic. Thank you!

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Glad it worked for you @NHViet