Beta & Stable release

As the user base has probably grown in the last months, maybe it would be beneficial to implement a more controlled release schedule.

As much as I love building with cwicly it’s also the tool that gave me the most issues per install (compared to other stacks). I’m not referring to issues accruing when working in the backend, but to smaller & bigger issues that are appearing on the frontend, occurring after updates. (most of them are easily fixed by regenerating a page, re-saving a page, or things like that but still an issue from the end user’s point of view)

Having this experience combined with the frequent release cycle puts you in the position to babysit each install. (to make sure you notice anything wrong before it’s reported by clients) And when this is done on a couple of builds, every 3-7 days is time-consuming.

So I would propose to have something like a stable release monthly or something like that and for those who want to be on the beta release cycle maybe have a toggle in the settings.

Hi @alex,

I propose you simply pause auto-updates on your side, and update accordingly when necessary.
All updates come with a specific mention asking you to regenerate your HTML and CSS when necessary.
Once again, if you are a site owner, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you update on a safe environment before production.

No update we have proposed in the last year have broken websites, and all updates also allow you to downgrade Cwicly without EVER affecting the content itself.

What issues have you come across requiring you to specifically address the issue on the page/post?

You are in control of your installations, and thus control the update cycle.

There is currently no plan to implement this release cycle for bug fixes and small improvements.

I know I can do all this and it’s mine/the client’s responsibility to what happens and all that.
But that’s exactly the point of this request.
Is to put less responsibility/stress (or less often) and bring more convenience :). (in the end, this is what the product does for us, to bring convenience in building & managing a website)

The mantra, in general, for clients is to keep their plugins updated. The regeneration part is not. Maybe a big notice in the plugin update (as not everybody follows the forums) would help with that. If someone founds its gallery image not looking the same as before, regenerating the blocks is not what is their first instinct.

Yes, we all love quick updates and new features on one hand, as builders, but after a project is delivered we want peace of mind.

I just express what I would like to see as a user of the product (don’t take it the wrong way). I don’t have the exact solution to the problem.

I would be onboard with showing an admin notice any time a Cwicly update requires a regen.

Makes it easier than checking the changelog for each release - especially once you start to use it on multiple sites. It’s also what Oxygen does whenever the CSS needs to be regenerated.

Side note: would it ever be possible to have the regen occur automatically (when opted-in)?

We do need to process the data through JS (hence my proposition at one time → Regenerating in the cloud).