Background images - url inconsistancy when copying apps

Moving my app from staging to prod, the url on frontend is still pointing to the staging url, but looking up the url in the section block, it is the production url

Hi @FZwo,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Transferring a site from staging to production can be a complex process and may result in URL inconsistencies.

Could you possibly let me know how you made the URL changes?
Additionally, have you tried re-entering the URL and saving it?

Thank you in advance.

I am using the staging process by Runcloud, and normally there is no need to change URL’s manually

Additionally, have you tried re-entering the URL and saving it?

Yes, reselected the background image and saved it, not sure if that has helped, have to do further checks

I will test the simple app copying process by Runcloud, let’s see what happens in that case

could be that it is just necessary after staging or cloning process to regenerate Cwicly Blocks HTML etc., I will check the staging process later on again

@Araminta I can confirm, that in case of the cloning process, one has to regenerate Cwicly’s Blocks CSS to have the correct URL at the frontend…I guess it is the same for the staging process. As this is different for background images only, it might be a bit a trap in not knowing or not being aware of this

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Thank you for confirming this, @FZwo!

Indeed, it is important to regenerate the Blocks CSS when moving a site from staging to production to ensure that the correct URL is displayed on the frontend.

Hopefully this can help others that might encounter a similar issue.

Moving this to general as it isn’t a bug.

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