Assign a template to a CPT

I have a question about templates.

I have created a custom template, wanted to assign it to a specified CPT (Work). I’m not sure what I’m missing. The template does not show.

Did I set anything incorrectly?

Hi @jornes,

to display a template to the posts of your CPT try this:


As far as I know, you have to think a little differently: ACF → Advanced Custom Fields gives you custom fields. So if you have an ACF field in a CPT post and want to query for it, you would use your setup.
But CPTs are custom post types that are added to Wordpress. So generally they are just singular posts with the “CPT Info” that you can query for.

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Thanks for your advises! @T-low

Yeap…appearantly I have messed up and confused. Then you’ve cleared up my mind. Thank you! :wink:

Why didn’t I think of it?

I’ll try again when I get back to my computer.

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