Any plan to include starter sites?

Hi there,

Are there any plans to include starter sites like these with Cwicly?

GeneratePress and Astra have a really good starter sites collection, with good design.

These are full website templates that can give a head-start in new projects.

The Site Library by GeneratePress is compatible with GenerateBlocks and Elementor. The Astra Templates by Astra is compatible with Elementor, Spectra, Beaver, and Brizy.

These sites are very useful in ocassions like:

  • When the client has a low budget and just want a simple website
  • To get some inspiration for the design and build on an already-built basis

Thank you!


A lot of templates come to the library at least every 2 weeks. It just needs some time to be backed for all criteria.

What library are you referring to?

I am referring to complete starter sites, not just the block library.

There are no full libraries at least what I know, however with a no-touch you are able to reproduce it for any kind of subpages. For a small client, it’s more than enough I think.

See the two links I mentioned in my post. You will get what I mean.

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I’m personally using Blocksy for this main reason (tho they’re powerful too).

Having quality full importable designs (that I like!) edges them ahead in my personal shortlist of 2 others, which have the same:

GenerateBlocks - which are great, but requires too much personal code dev - something I wanted to move away from. If you are a full-custom dev, GP is great. The designs let them down IMHO.

Kadence - great blocks and integration with their theme, but not as powerful as GP, and the designs didn’t grab me.

(No, I have nothing to do with Blocksy, and from what I’m seeing like the approach of cwicly better, but yeah - need full-importable-sites!)

I share your vision but did not try blocksy yet.
It looks like all of their templates are free, that is uncommon as many times, builders will release a bunch as Premium only.
I don’t know if their number of starter sites is sufficient though, for me to install yet another theme when FSE and Cwicly seems more than enough if Cwicly’s community would create more template blocks.
If someone knows of designers on that mission to create Cwicly cool blocks including possibly ACF, please tell me as I am new here and wish to create a library if I find time to get on this project.

@m0rg5, thank you for mentioning what you use.

I have looked into Blocksy and their starter sites are good. I then saw Qubely and Spectra which too have a good collection of start sites. Did you try them?

Seems like you have a good experience in block editors (I am new to this - I was using WPBakery and then Elementor Pro). What do you think is the best blocks builder which can replace Elementor Pro for me including starter sites? And what’s the best blocks builder excluding starter sites?

I really appreciate your help!

Hi, I have created some blocks for Cwicly but for some unknown reason they have not been approved for the library and I can’t share them with others. The creators for community creation are here, but I can’t share the creation with everyone yet.

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@Louis hello, is this something that is expected at the moment ?
Is there a link for me to study about this or expected release of template blocks from community ? Right now I can only see a dozen of blocks from the community which is very small amount (I understand this feature is new).
Sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere.

I think this one is missing in Gutenberg / FSE itself. They do have “blocks” and “Patterns”, and of course the traditional “WordPress theme” but with FSE and global styles a theme, in the traditional way, is obsolete.

A new style of theme would be a combination of the other Gutenberg and FSE elements. See these issues:

NOTE: I’m now not a custom dev, priority for me are well-designed starter-sites that work, are lightweight and come with a reliable platform, gutenberg, et al.

Price differences - if your &/or client time is of value to you, should not be a consideration (all the quality Theme-library options are pretty close in price anyway, I’ve never considered paying for 1-off themes).

I have no idea re: the best, but Blocksy, with it’s plugin and integration with Stackable def gets the job done (tho I think stackable is overrated).

Yet note that my priority is building from an existing starter site, and not doing custom dev.

I too am exploring different options, and I think there are def better options than Stackable for custom dev (I.e. GenerateBlocks & GeneratePress - but that’s better for custom dev, and while their support and team are the best in the biz IMHO [and cannot overstate how valuable this is] I am no longer a designer/dev, do not love their designs :broken_heart: and don’t want to build from scratch [I’ve actually got into extended debates with them about prioritising/changing designs, how the existing aren’t great - tho they ARE well-built, light and clean, yet design is not their wheelhouse and cannot see it changing]).

I’ve had way too many problems with Astra/Spectra/“Starter Templates”, have tested Pro in detail a couple of years ago, ended up getting refund, and just thought I’d check out again a week ago. They are a big company now with a mature stack and there still exist fundamental problems! They do not deserve the high reviews they get IMHO, and the designs are generic template gallery fare.
Also Spectra is NOT compatible with Blocksy-theme :-1:

I’ve had no related issues with Blocksy and their support is solid (tho not at GP levels).