Animation builder

From old feedback: Animation builder | Cwicly

An animation builder that just prints the keyframe animation inside our CSS.
The custom animations can be used inside the scroll on animation tab or the effects tab under animation, via dropdown.
Currently we need to write our own keyframes, so it’s not actually a no-code implementation.
Speaking about the animation on scroll option, we only have the option to use predefined ones.

How to implement?
I think a modal, like the interactions or relative styling one would be great.

So you can insert what is going to happen at the start (0%) and the end (100%).
Of course you can add steps with custom values, like 25%, 72.9%, etc.

On each step, you are able to enter (or choose from a dropdown) your properties, if needed multiple properties per step, and its values.


Yeah, I can see that in some way.

Maybe an option inside the Cwicly options to create custom keyframe animations, just like we create new custom fonts, custom code, etc.
The animation name you enter there, you’ll find as a dropdown inside the FSE block options panel > effects > animation. There you can set values like duration, delay, etc.

Not gonna lie, this would be a great way to manage your animations and insert & control them easily inside the FSE.