Am I missing soemthing?

Hey there,

I have 2x Templates in the Cwicly Themer:

Index (created by Cwickly theme)

Post Archive (a “custom template” created by me)

I have set the “Visibility Conditions” of Index to nothing (empty)

I have set the “Visibility Conditions” of Post Archive to “Show if > Archive > All” (attached)

I have the WP Reading Settings “Posts page” set to the blog page.

When I go to the page is rendering the Index, not the Post Archive template.

Am I missing something with “Visibility Conditions” here?


Hello @Jakson,

If I understand correctly, you’ve set the Posts page to a page you’ve created? If so, this is no longer considered an Archive but a Page, which means your Archive template will not apply because the conditions are not met.

I’ll also add that WordPress looks for home.php and index.php when trying to access the Blog Post index.

Thanks @Louis

Ah, ok, I was assuming that Cwicly would use an archive template that’s assigned as “all” for the blog/posts archive “design” - sorry, thats a hangover from Elementor where assigning an archive template to “all” includes the blog/posts archive too

So I suppose I would need to have 2x template designs that are the same - one for index (posts) and another for the other CPT archives - though I guess I could use a Cwicly “Template Part” for the design and call that from the 2 diff templates right?

Hi @Jakson,

You could also keep your setup and simply apply the Archive template to the specific page?

Hi Louis

How do you assign an archive template to a specific page?

If I select under conditions

Show if > Singular > Pages

I just see:

  • All
  • Templates (my custom taxonomy)