Allow Button Single and Button Multiple filters to have a required selection

We have implemented a switch / toggle button filter using Button Single:

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 00.00.53

This works perfectly with one exception, clicking on the selected term unselects it.

We would like a way to make having at least one term required.

Something like this could work for Button Single:

For multiple select with Button Multiple you may want to be able to specify a minimum number of selected items.

We are aware that we could use a Custom filter and style radio buttons to achieve this for our use case, but because the the Cwicly Input field with type “Filter Radio” wraps the input with the label, this makes targeting the label tag for the selected item with CSS less straightforward:

<label><input type="radio" value="gbp" tabindex="0"> GBP</label>

If there is already an easier way to do this with Cwicly we are open to suggestions.

Just bringing this up for further attention and input as it is a really useful feature that is currently missing.