Adding pseudo elements

I’ve been trying to add pseudo elements for design purposes, and the closest I’ve gotten is to have it show up in the DOM, but without a display, height and width property (even though I set them in Cwicly). I am currently trying to do it with the :after on a simple section. Also, whenever I try to change its display property, it changes not only the pseudo elements, but the whole sections. I am a bit confused.


EDIT: Right after I posted, I discovered, that I needed to add something else than the usual “” in the content field. How would I go about adding a pseudo element with no text in said content field? The problem with the dimensions not applying persists.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Hi @paul,

Applying "" as content should do the trick to get before and after pseudo elements to be displayed. Are you setting a display property?

Only adding “” does make the pseudo element appear, but the dimensions are not applied. And yes, I set it to block (though my issue with changing the display property on the pseudo element also changing it on the parent, still persists).


Those should be the three relevant settings to apply, right? :slight_smile: thank you for the help

This is what it looks like in the inspector.

Good point about the display options not applying to pseudo elements, will have that rectified as soon as possible.
If you’re on the Section block, some properties are applied a bit specifically as its a combination of 2 elements… In this case, I’d recommend going with 2 Div blocks.

EDIT: moving to Bugs


Hi @paul,

Thank you for taking the time to report this.
It should be fixed in

If you still experience trouble with this, please let me know by replying to this thread.


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