Add space in before or after dynamic data

I am trying to add a ", " after an ACF custom field in order to display after, another ACF custom field with a nice space after the coma, but can’t get to make it work.
I tried nbsp; but it doesn’t seem that this parameter allows html as it litteraly displays nbsp; or  
I could create a concatenation in php but that doesn’t seem like the best option to me…
I found a way around by adding a static paragraph block with just a space in it but that doesn’t seem like the most elegant way to do so.
Also, in order to have text in line like this, as I only have as text blocks, heading blocks and paragraph blocks, I have been wrapping paragraphs in a div with a flex row and then add a div tag to each of these paragraphs block.
Seems to me like a very complicated code at the end for a simple concatenation, what do you think?
Maybe there is a simpler solution I am missing… please let me know if that is the case, I am happy to learn :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!


Give this a try

{acffield=yourfieldslughere} , {acffield=yourfieldslughere} in a single para tag and see if the output comes on frontend.

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Thank you @dranzer it works!
Do you know of a bracket way to also display regular WP fields as well? This way that would also solve it in the case of an inline mutiple WP fields.

Read this reply of Louis. Better dynamic support - #13 by Louis

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thank you @dranzer perfect!
I guess I haven’t looked carefully enough in the discourse thread.
I feel though that there is a need to organize all these tricks and deeper documentation somewhere, maybe I should start it as a side project ahahaha
thank you again!

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