Add aria-label to link settings popup


For accessbility purpose, aria-label attribute should directly be available when setting links, so that we don’t have to create it manually in block’s attributes tab.

(Use case: non readable links like home logo link, image/icon/social links, etc.)

NOTE: Title attribute is one way to explicit non-readable-text links, but it also shows a tooltip on hover, which is not always wanted.

And guess what, there is a free spot for it :wink:


That didn’t age well :see_no_evil:

Not sure if it makes sense, but how about the option too manage all attributes from the link modal?
Something that syncs with the advanced tabs’ option?

Adding/removing attributes, like we are used to from several sections inside the block inspector?

Some attributes might make more sense to one and are used more frequently than someone else would do.

A downside would be the extra clicks, but maybe there is something to get around.
Just a something I wanted quickly share that I had in mind, as I often find myself inside the attributes tab again when links are involved.