Add active class/id visualisation to new class/id toggle field

With the latest UI changes for classes/ids by default you can’t see the ID or it’s toggled state.

@Louis, it will be very helpful to make the ID a little bit more discoverable and perhaps find a way to show it above the class (small) if it has been enabled (and vice versa).

This only needs to be shown if the class/id is active.

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 16.13.03

This will help with issues such as the one discussed here:



Hello @StrangeTech,

Thanks for this suggestion.

This was discussed during the rework of the Class workflow, and we did try different versions of your proposed solution. Unfortunately, it ended up giving the impression of being quite heavy as a label and brought more confusion as to the field’s initial function.

That being said, the proposition of showing it in one form or another only when active is something we hadn’t considered.

I do appreciate the fact that knowing the name and state of the ID is important.
But we also do have to take into account the frequent times users have pointed out the ID field as being too prominent in our previous workflow.

We’ll look into this again and see if we can find a middle ground that can satisfy everyone.

Thanks for bringing this up.


This is a clear 10/10 for me.
A perfect compromise in favor of the UI, which addresses all the recent issues/complaints (if I don’t miss any).

Thank you @Louis :hugs:

Any thoughts, @StrangeTech?

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1.3.3 is a tremendous release!!

The class/id visualisation is a decent compromise and addresses the issues raised.

It is fast to use, compact and tidy. Couldn’t be happier.

Thank you @Louis!!!

Thank you @Marius and @StrangeTech for your positive feedback on the recent clarification of the class/id area :slightly_smiling_face:


Moving to done.


Hey, if any property changes in the ID, it would be helpful if a small dot could appear to indicate it.


Styling ID’s is not supported (yet) @kane.

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This is a minor but great improvement. I believe everyone can easily see whether it’s ID or class now. :+1:.