ACF Slider

Hi Cwiclies,

i setup a slider with ACF…i saw within the source code that my images area loaded but separated with comma…so as long as i only choose 1 image in my ACF “gallery”-Type…it shows one image…but if i use more then 1 image it doesnt render anyhing…what do you recommend as ACF type: Return images as array or URL? What works better in cwicly? i awas not able to make this work…see my setup (images are loading into the slider like this)… “image1.jpg,image2.jpg,image3.jpg” as a string into html visible…

thx so much again

Hi @Timo,

Please see this feature request:

ah ok thanx i voted! what makes me struggle so hard is thats its possible to setup things in cwicly but without an alert that this is not possible at the moment…sometimes its like a blackbox…