ACF Pro - Where is it?

Hi all.

  1. Could someone explain to me how to activate and use ACF Pro if it comes somehow bundled in the theme ? Do I need to install anything ? Do I need to install the ACF free version ? I could not find documentation on it. Nor did something pop up in the search results here in the forum.

  2. I can use the frontendadmin for acf, right ?

Thank you.

Hi @JacobDK,

ACF Pro is activated by default. You’ll find it in the Custom Fields WordPress menu.
It works as normal :wink:

@Louis Thank you.

So I can use the front end admin that I linked to or do you have that feature/usecase handled in Cwicly ?

ACF tools and addons should work as normal. Cwicly doesn’t have any front-end editing at this time.


@David Thank you, David.

Hi Louis, I already had the ACF (free) plugin installed before using Cwicly, so when the ACF plugin is enabled it does not show the ACF Pro fields. When I disable the plugin I can then can see the ACF Pro fields. I couldn’t find many FAQ’s relating to ACF so wondering if it’s worthwhile adding a FAQ / quick sentence to the getting started guides in case others see this issue?



Hi @SymlDesigns,

Thank you for this valuable information. A getting started helper as well as a tour guide is being prepared so this is definitely something that we can add to them. :+1:

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