ACF data should be dropdown option instead of ACF slug for Data Inserter

I have a question and also a suggestion.

I created a CPT named contact and assigned ACF fields to contact. Then I inserted data(exp: my custom emails) there. I store contact numbers, emails, addresses, and other information in this CPT. I use it as a global info CPT.
*I want the data in this CPT can be displayed on any pages within my site with the dynamic inserter.

However, It works only when it’s in a query template block. Is it possible to do it without a query template block? Or, maybe consider making every div block that allows us to enable the query loop(just like Bricks did) instead of the query template block?

Enable Query Loop for every container/block in Bricks

We don’t need to add a query loop template block if this is available when designing our site. I usually use the query template block to display some posts(CTP items) for some sections.

I have feedback for this dynamic inserter.

It asks me to insert the ACF slug to display the ACF data. It would be great if it is visible with a dropdown option instead of inserting the ACF field slug(it is a little troublesome to switch to the ACF page to find the slug).

I expect it should query the acf field like this for the Data Inserter.

Again, In Bricks(as reference only), I can enable the query loop for the appropriate container and query the ACF field to display the data. In Cwicly, I must use a query template block.

Any feedback is welcome.
Thank you!

I don’t understand your issue.

Using the Dynamic Values you show in your last image, you can get the content from any post you want without needing a Query block.

This should allow you to get all the info you want to display on every site page.

Unless I am missing something…



I use Dynamic Inserter because it allows me to include a few ACF data from another CPT in a single paragraph block. Only one ACF data can be shown if I use the dynamic values option.

But no matter what I tried(dynamic values or data inserter), it doesn’t work.

I have a question for you.
I noticed you inserted 13 for the Location ID. How do you get that number? Maybe this is the only thing I missed to make it work?

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I understand your need of concatenation, I have been in that case too, in that specific case you might need to create a custom function.

Regarding the post ID, ( and that is true for any native post or custom post types), there are many ways to find it.

One way is in the back end, when looking at the All posts table (or any other All CPT), to over the title of the post you want to identify and look at the link URL in the lower left of your browser window.
It will look like
Which refers to post ID=1115

You will find in that same spot the same info while hovering edit post in the upper editor bar when browsing a post.

If I am not clear enough, check this article, it will show you even other ways to easily find the post ID



Ah…I see. The Location ID is the Post ID. A little confuse here.

Thank you for sharing the info above! I will check it out as soon as I have time later.

Thanks @JuGa I’ll report back if it’s still not working for me.

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@JuGa Just tested. Definitely I missed the Location ID(post ID). Now it works for both(dynamic values and dynamic inserter). :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

Thanks again!

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Best with implementation!

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