Ability to remove ID's/classes, make HTML more clean

Sorry for my lack of understanding, but when I grant the global class I created, do I need to remove the class that is granted by default?

You don’t need to, but you can.

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I feel like this needs to be looked at soon.

Referencing a bug report I made earlier: Block ID identical after duplicate

I am running into issues with duplicate IDs and Cwicly default classes when using reusable blocks. Copy-pasting using Cwicly’s function is not a problem, but Gutenberg duplicates the class names.

This causes issues where a previously defined element affects a current element, or changes made to one specific element ends up changing a series of others, because they share the same default class.

In addition to adding unnecessary CSS, it’s a source of frustration for me, as I’m having to go back and forth to undo changes made that affect other elements inadvertently and losing a lot of time in the process.

Hopefully we can get a fix for this soon.

Hi there @owynter,

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this problem, but I do wonder if using Reusable blocks in this instance is the best solution.

May I ask why you don’t prefer using the Cwicly Collection method? It is precisely meant to “reuse” blocks while giving specific actions like “duplicate” or “linked”.
I’d love to know the reason :slight_smile:

I had never explored the Collections, to be fair.

Having just tried it, it’s easy enough, and does most of what the Reusable block function does. Sadly, the classes and ids are still duplicated.

I saved a section which was made up of a number of blocks. The id/class of the container is changed, but all the elements within keep their original id/class.

See this video screenshare: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cayCxjzK7CQdzMSXL1_KKIuE1EtAo9-o

Indeed, thanks for bringing this up @owynter. This particular issue with the Collection should be fixed in

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Thanks, @Louis!

Adding default classes or not in the settings would be awesome. Importing a css classes framework like automatic css would be awesome too. When designing a site, either I use a framework or only classes on elements I reproduce throughout the site. So classes by default only bloats the whole thing. I refer to add them or add a real css framework.

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@Louis This would be huge. The ability to use a framework like Automatic.css


Will this also be addressed?
I was kind of “okay” with it, when working with Firefox.
I currently do consider switching to a Chromium based browser and it is not fun, working with the browser tools to be honest.

Screenshot 2022-06-17 132850

Screenshot 2022-06-17 132659

As you can see, this is the same element.
Not sure why there is even a difference.
It’s not even close to a complex interaction, so I wonder how it would look when doing something more advanced.

This is a pretty decent suggestion in my opinion.
I think Webflow is doing something similar.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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I want to resuscitate this topic as now with the new classes importer is even more important.

For start, the part that bugs me most are the default properties added to most blocks. (position, display) Removing them, would clean a lot of the classes added by cwicly.

Maybe adding a toggle in the backend for backwards compatibility (to keep old defaults), but having it unchecked on new installs.


Block defaults and the possibility to remove classes/IDs has been introduced in the latest updates with being the last one to focus on these specifics.


Just wanted to say that I tried the ‘remove classes & ID’ beta feature on my site and it worked perfectly :ok_hand:


I also had the same experience. It’s flawless.

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It’s kind of a milestone.
These 1.2 updates were a major improvement.


Totally agree. With the new class system and removal of the defaults in particular, I feel like I can confidently use & recommend Cwicly now.


:+1: from me also.
Working with the news class system + combined with the removal of the defaults it’s so clean.


I guess this can marked as done unless Louis have something else in his mind.

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Definitely soon @dranzer!

I’m leaving this open just a bit longer so that we keep an eye on the extra markup added by interactions as @Marius pointed out.
Once we have reworked the interactions, this can finally be closed as the interactions data won’t need to appear inside the markup.


Kudos @Louis , so happy this is done. I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, but following the developments. Have noticed the cleaner HTML, and really appreciative of it.

It’s amazing what Cwicly has achieved in a year (has the anniversary already passed?).