Ability to re-order parts within a fragment

The new Themer UI has some solid improvements.

One thing that will save valuable seconds when adding new features to an existing website is to be able to reorder parts within a fragment (retaining their associated visibility conditions).

As of, you can tap on a part to change it to a different part - an excellent feature in itself, however, if you have visibility conditions associated with that part, then this doesn’t allow you to quickly swap the order, because the visibility conditions are associated with a specific index, not with the part itself.

Common use cases are:

  1. Having a footer on a website and adding a page/s specific CTA section above it
  2. Having a header menu and adding a banner above or below it (or moving a banner’s position from above to below or vice versa)

Because new parts are added below existing parts within a fragment, currently this requires you to delete the existing part (e.g. footer), add the new part and then re-add the previous part (e.g. footer) again below it. If you have multiple parts already, this further increases the time/effort required.

Your consideration is appreciated.

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