Ability to create virtual class using shift click on Create button in classes panel

Previously when the class UI had two separate buttons for global and virtual, it was easy to create a new virtual class for a block.

As of and upwards you can do this in the classes panel via shift+enter but not when clicking the Create button.

As some people are more button oriented than keyboard oriented, it will great to make the button work this way for consistency.

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No issues for me with shift+enter.
But would also like to see a shift+click create button implementation.

Agree 100%.

I don’t import my custom CSS classes in external because it is moving too much at the moment (and always a work in progress, actually), so I can’t access my custom classes :frowning:

Hi, thx, you’re right, it is actually working.

I tested with SHIFT + click on create button.

I think it should be added as well.

Shift+enter is fine for now. Will be nice to make the button also work this way for consistency.

Changed this to a feature request for clarity.

Added with, awesome!

Thank you @StrangeTech for this feature request, and thank you @Marius for picking up on this!

With, this now works as intended!