Ability to copy multiple Tailwind classes at once

What I have run into is the inability to copy multiple Tailwind classes from block to block. Even if you create a shell. For example if you have a pre existing shell and you need to create a similar one (without altering the pre existing one) you can create another shell like a global class but there is no way to copy all the TW classes at once from the pre existing shell to the new shell.

You also can’t copy more than one TW class at a time from a block. And as in most cases there are several TW classes on every block, this becomes a concerning hinderance. Styles are now contained within utility classes.

If you have a global class you can easily copy styles from a pre existing global class and apply them to your new class. But copying TW classes to a shell or block is not possible.

I don’t understand the ‘copy’ & ‘paste’ styles buttons that appear on shells. You can’t copy paste standard styles nor TW classes with them.

Am I missing something?

This feature request is similar to the following and multiple others:

Hey there @hopscotch.

Did you check this out?

Does that fit your needs?
Please note that there might be a current bug which makes it not possible to paste classes, but which can be worked around by using the replace option.


@Marius thank you so much I will try that out. I think I had some issue with that. I will test it out in the morning. If it was the one thing I didn’t try, it would be the story of my life. I was convinced there must be an option but couldn’t find it.

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Now that I had a look at @T-low’s bug report I realise it was a bug.

I think the option to copy and paste ‘styling’ (TW classes) between shells like we can do between global classes in the classes/shells window would be handy. At the moment the copy/paste options have no function with shells.

Hi @hopscotch,

for the shells, you have to select them and then you can copy the inner classes of that shell.

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However, a direct copy option with a right-click on the shell would be nice :thinking:

Edit: Oops, I didn’t read that correctly, sorry :sweat_smile:


Thank you for that it’s appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: I can work with that.

It would be handy to be able to paste classes from shell to shell in the classes/shells window as well:


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