A way to optimize CSS loading

Running pagespeed results in several render blocking resources which lead to a very poor speed result.
Are there ways to address this issue?
I use Siteground with Siteground Optimizer. But cannot use the CSS combine option and therefore CSS preload option (it messes up the whole site).

How large the site is?

I am trying to set a small landing page and the results are incredible even for mobile. And there are some kind of forms etc. incl.

I host on SiteGround and use their Optimizer plugin with CSS combine turned on without any issues. That is the solution that you need to combine all of those CSS files into one, so you probably need to find out which plugin is causing the issue. The easiest way is to turn off plugins except SiteGround Optimizer and Cwicly and see if you’re still having the issue. If not, then turn the plugins back on one by one to see which one is causing the issue. Once you have it narrowed down, you can see if there are any setting inside that plugin that might help, or decide if using that plugin is worth not being able to combine the CSS files. You can also see if there’s a replacement plugin for the one causing the issues, or see if there’s another plugin that can combine CSS while using that other plugin.

I’m not sure what’s happening, but I occasionally have issues with the SiteGround Optimizer’s “Minify JavaScript Files” option, so I occasionally have to turn that off. I’ve never had issues with the CSS settings though, but good luck!


In fact I tried to use this feature but then I had some issues. (I can’t remember the details).
Support advised me not to combine CSS.

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Probably. Optimization tools like Perfmatters offer granular options to address most (if not all) of the common stuff.
A code snippet or a free plugin could address your issue too.

You might be able to still use the SiteGround Optimizer plugin and just set the Cwicly CSS files that are causing the problems to be excluded. This way you at least get some of the benefits with the other CSS files.

OK. Thanks @Marius and @msguerra74

Another question would be: why are those CSS not showing up on my staging website tests ? That website (ninastaging.com) has been transferred to ninalove.it by a Siteground technician twice because I raised the issue. From day 1 (no changes made) performance dropped according to Pagespeed Insights by almost 20%.


Right now performance is obviously not comparable, because several tracking code snippets have been added.

Thanks for ideas!

Not large. It’s a fairly simple static page.