A small bug in the dynamic datas sources

It is a translation bug for the French language.

In French, it is “3 juin 2021” and not “juin 3, 2021”


Hello @Ombres-et-lumieres,

Thanks for your report.

While I appreciate the reason behind it, the date format is correct since:
You are asking for june (month) 15 (day), 2020 (year) and getting juin (month) 3 (day), 2021 (year)

In this instance, I would recommend going with the Custom format which in your case would be:

  • d M, Y

I tried it before posting, and, in this case, you have the following:

Just numbers and not a date in letters

Are you sure you set it up like this: dynamic date: d M, Y

exactly, I wrote it: d/m/y, which is the right format for French speaking people.