1.4 - Tailwind - First look

Hi @Marius,
thank you for the info :+1:

Feature Requests Tailwind UI Ideas For Additions & Changes :white_check_mark:

Seems I am experiencing some problems there: Copy Pasting Classes


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That’s great @T-low.

Although separate Feature Requests for

  1. Addressing UI issue when many TW classes applied
  2. TW class order/organization and front-end output

would make more sense imo.
From my own experience in the past, merging many ideas into one topic won’t work out as anticipated.
It also can get chaotic and important things might get missed.

Just a hint, no call to action :handshake:

Well Why not @Marius, organisation is important :yum:

Feature Requests Tailwind UI Classes Clutter :white_check_mark:
Feature Requests Tailwind UI Classes Organisation & Display :white_check_mark:


@T-low these are great suggestions. Definitely worthy of feature requests.