• Fix: Block inspector panels hover styles would be affected by Global H2 styles

  • Fix: Link Wrapper share would not contain description in certain cases

  • Fix: Spacing property was not applied to sub menu icons

  • Fix: Gutenberg drag & drop properly supported

  • Improvement: Pseudo Elements/Classes picker

  • Improvement: Create new pseudo element/class from the picker directly

  • Improvement: Responsive selector moved to main header

  • Improvement: Clickable dots in Slider block

  • Improvement: Access all Cwicly related panels from the same panel

  • Improvement: Refactored Effects panel for a more compact layout

  • Improvement: Refactored Primary tabs for most blocks to optimise workflow

  • Improvement: Visualise/Modify/Remove colour pseudo classes states when in normal mode

  • Improvement: Added :is, :where, :not and :is to Relative Styling rules

  • New: Device condition for blocks (PHP based)

  • New: Change Block Inspector location (Cwicly Global Styles settings)

  • New: Scale Gutenberg editor on Desktop