• New: Dynamic and Static HTML attributes are now available in every Cwicly block. They provide additional information about HTML elements and allow you to do a ton of things!

  • New: User Collection. Add linked or duplicate blocks you’ve created to your collection and insert them in seconds

  • New: Name your blocks and find them easily in the Gutenberg List View element or in the Cwicly
    Navigation element

  • Fix: Global typographies were not being correctly set

  • Fix: List icon disappeared on colour change

  • Fix: Dynamic WordPress values were returning errors because of undefined values

  • Fix: ::after and ::before were not being previewed correctly

  • Fix: undefined error with Repeater elements

  • Fix: Pseudo Class shadows were not removeable

  • Fix: Relative Style editor could only ever access the last rule added

  • Improvement: Display property now working with Pseudo Classes

  • Improvement: Icon changes for Flex direction

  • Improvement: Panels are automatically closed when switching from one to the other

  • Improvement: Further exchange from Popovers to Accordions in Global Styles

  • Improvement: Relative style editor is now kept open when switching responsive views