• New: Advanced styling options available with Relative Styling that you can find in the Advanced Panel. Control every CSS property visually and precisely from a parent or sibling block. This is a unique feature that no other page builder proposes at the moment

  • Fix: If all the Column elements of a Columns block were not of the same type, the layout wasn’t respected if Auto Grid property was switched off. The Columns block can no longer be set as a link block. Insert a Div block if you want to wrap it with a link

  • Fix: Video background for Columns block wasn’t positioned correctly and was hiding inner blocks

  • Fix: Global Typographies hover properties were not properly applied to the selected block

  • Fix: Unverified Video block conditions

  • Fix: List styling wasn’t applying if an icon wasn’t selected

  • Fix: Opacity when set to 0 via arrows didn’t apply

  • Improved: Added the Gutenberg transform feature several Cwicly blocks. More to be added soon

  • Improved: Possibility to Export your blocks for use in other Cwicly installations. The export is copied to the clipboard and can be used in Cwicly website